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Why Trade CFD

Leverage To Enhance Investment

You can build larger positions without having to provide the total amount of investment required. We provide leverage for a variety of CFDs, with a maximum leverage rate of 1:500. We do offer our clients direct access to Tier 1 liquidity. Gain instant, low-cost Straight-Through Processing (STP) of your orders at razor-thin spreads, as well as powerful trading features unmatched by any other CFDs platform on the market. Get real-time executable streaming quotes for CFDs on Commodities and major Indices like DJA, Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei etc.

The global financial market trends

Through the use of your Worldclassfin account, it is easy to buy and sell crude oil or to invest in global equities through buying and selling CFDs on Indices. Whether its a falling market or rising market, you have the opportunity to profit. You can take advantage of CFD trading for both long and short transactions. If you believe the price of an asset will fall, you can now use CFDs to short (sell), and then again in the future expect to buy back at a lower price. In some cases, the moving direction of transaction prices may differ from your expectations, In this case you will result in a loss.

Market Trading Volume In Favour Of Price Stability

You can select the number of units traded. Unlike the other various financial markets, CFD investors do not have a contract subject to a predetermined size.